Sunday, August 7, 2011

This weeks menu

Tomorrow (today I guess since it's 3:30am lol), I'm thinking probaby bacon cheese burgers. With salad and tator tots. Because I'm craving tator tots. (don't ask lol)

And for later in the week... I'm planning on making gumbo, over rice.. with maybe a hunk of cornbread on the side. This *might* end up being dinner tomorrow(today).. We shall see..

Also gonna make that ravioli ratataouille thing.. but i don't think I can really call it ratatouille.. cuz I decided to substitute the eggplant with yellow squash. LOL After my mishap with the eggplant for the lasagna last week.. Well, I just want a no problems dinner so I am using some yellow squash instead. LOL

And we're gonna have some beer brats with baked beans, mac n cheese for the kids and potato salad for me and Dave. Yum.

Oh and McDonalds one night.. on our way home from Six Flags. It's tradition. $1 menu double cheeseburgers and fries. LOL

Should be a yummy week! :)

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