Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Roasted Veggie Lasagna

I made this last week.. it was *divine*.. The angels sang. It was.. glorious. I got the idea from here. And I tried to do it their way.. sorta. But my eggplant fell apart in the oven, and I got a jar of roasted red peppers instead of doing them in the oven (I wanted the sweet tangyness the ones in the jar always have) and I did a few other things... So here is what I did..

I sliced up several zucchinis, about 5 or 6.. a couple of big onions, and a box of cremini mushrooms.. and also a big eggplant that I ended up not using.. I mixed the zucchini and the onions together on a sheet pan and then eggplant and the mushrooms together on another sheet pan and brushed them all with olive oil that I'd put some minced garlic into.. And threw them into a really hot (475) oven.. The eggplant didn't work out, it just fell apart and was mush and tasted bitter so I tossed it into the trash. I'm sticking to panfrying eggplant in the future. Anyway.. back to things that did go good. So while all this was roasting in a seriously hot oven (that was seriously making my kitchen hot as hell).. I made up my standard red sauce, chopped a bunch of basil, opened and drained a jarl of sliced sweet roasted red peppers, and a can of diced roasted tomatoes. Oh and sliced up a nice ball of fresh mozzarella and opened a bag of 2 % shredded mozzarella cheese. And got out an 8oz tub of fat free cottage cheese (cuz I just don't dig the texture of ricotta.. sue me lol) and added an egg and a whole bunch of fresh grated parm cheese and some basil, salt and garlic pepper to it. And I par boiled 12 lasagna noodles. And and and. LOL

So then.. I got out my purtiest baking dish, sprayed it down with some pam spray and spread some sauce into the bottom of it. Then I laid out 4 lasagna noodles and spread half the cottage cheese mixture onto the noodles, then I threw zucchini and onions on next and ladled enough sauce to cover it all up nicely and sprinkled a handful of mozzarella and some chopped fresh basil.. Then I layed 4 more noodles down, cottage cheese, then the tomatoes, peppers and mushrooms went on next, followed by the sauce, cheese and basil.. Then I put on the last 4 noodles, covered it with sauce and a sprinkling of basil and covered the whole thing with some heavy strength foil and popped it into the oven at 400 for 30 mins.. Then I pulled the foil off, layed the sliced of fresh mozzarella over it and put it back into the oven for 15-20 mins till the cheese was all melty and browned.. Showered it with the last of the fresh basil and voila... Utter yumminess.

Lets just not talk about the two trips I took to the store to get ingredients I had forgotten and the fridge had frozen my veggies so I had to get new ones. LOL Or the fact that it made my kitchen hotter than Hades making it. And at one point I was so vile to my family (in my overheated over annoyed state).. that it's a damn good thing it was so tasty..I think they've forgiven me.. especially since I promised not to make lasagna again, especially not a roasted veggie one in height of summer hell ever again. LOL

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