Monday, August 1, 2011

Busy Busy!

Sorry I've been away, dear readers! I've had a hectic week.. but I promise I've got a recipe for a yummy roasted veggie lasagna coming up.. Oh and I made chocolate chip cookies yesterday.. and put some of those new reeses mini peanut butter cups in them. Excuse my language, but they were the Mother F'in BOMB. And this week I'm planning to make a faux shrimp puttenesca over pasta. And I'm using a jar of sauce in it :-0 *gasp* I know right. lol But I'm also thinking about doing this little grilled chicken with a bourbon peach sauce/butter that is gonna be to die for. :) So it all works out. Oh and I'm thinkin about getting a rotisserie chicken and pulling all the meat off it and grilling some corn and having chicken tacos in fresh cooked tortillas with slices of avocado, some chopped fresh tomatoes and some of the grilled corn. Yum!

And oh my gosh, I am watching the best thing I ever ate.. and Alton Brown just stabbed a fried egg up just exactly like I do, all playfully and stuff.. I knew I loved that man for a reason! LOL

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