Saturday, July 23, 2011

New Dishes!!

I'm so excited! I finally have all white dishes to photograph my recipes on!!! I decided instead of getting one big set.. I would get 2 pieces of everythinge, I liked.. so I got 3 different styles of plates, two styles of bowls, and 1 set of small plates for little stuff. Oh and I found a really pretty clear glass bowl that the mango salsa I made a couple weeks ago would have looked gorgeous in.. so I had to get one of those too. haha. I could have really gone haywire in there.. for being a dollar store they sure had some really cute stuff! I can't wait to start photographing my recipes on these new dishes.. especially the square dinner plates. :D That pasta I made Thursday would have looked SO good on them. Be on the lookout for my new dishes in pics this week! :) Oh *and* I found my digital camera.. so I will probably be using that instead of my phone for pics.

So basically, be on the lookout for new and improved pics of food! :)

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