Sunday, July 10, 2011

Home made tortillas and cilantro rice

That's what I wanna make to go with the chicken tacos with mango and avacado salsa. My sis in law makes home made tortillas from scratch and I've never done it before.. So she's gonna show me something! I'm excited. :) I've been showing her tricks the whole time they've been here.. and so now it's her turn :)

Along with the tacos there has to be rice. But my kids just don't dig mexican red rice. They never eat it. So this time I'm thinking I am just going to cook the rice in some chicken stock, then when it is done, I will add in a bit of butter, a squeeze of lime, and a handful of chopped fresh cilantro. They love those flavors so I think they'll like that a lot. :) I'm kind of excited to try it too. :)

So many yummy flavors to look forward to that night.. but not tomorrow... tomorrow we are having chicken parm. It's my brother's only day off this week and I told him I would make him chicken parm to enjoy on his day off and he smiled really big and nodded his head. So, tacos will have to wait till Monday or Tuesday..

Oh and good news! They got the house! Yay! They are moving in on Friday, and are super excited. I couldn't be happier for them... and have to say, yes the food consumption of 11 people has been crazy.. but it's been a lot of fun. I have *really* enjoyed cooking with my sis in law for the past few weeks. And finally getting to show her so many of the recipes I've been telling her about but she never gets a chance to try has been great. :) Looking forward to a smaller grocery bill, though! lol

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