Saturday, July 9, 2011

Guess whats on the menu?

Yep.. both of the wanna make ideas.. At some point (probably this weekend) we are having the grilled pork tenderloin sandwhiches on kaiser rolls, and the chicken tacos with the mango avocado salsa. Mmmmm! I can't wait!

Other things I'm planning this week are chicken parmesan (at The Brother's vehement and repeated request lol), chili cheese hot dogs with homemade bbq chips, and thats all I got so far. We still need two more meals.. but I got stumped so I'll figure it out later this week and see if anything jumps out at me from some cookbooks and stuff.

Oh and I also got all the stuff to make that layered salad again.. but this time sans peas. lol Gonna put avocado instead of peas. Yum! Just haven't decide which meal that is gonna go with yet. Thinking with the pork tenderloin sammiches.. But maybe the chicken parm.. idk yet.

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