Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fish Tacos and Baja Sauce

They turned out really good! I used some nice Mahi Mahi, and made a beer batter using cup of self rising flour, some salt, some garlic pepper, and 1 light lime flavored beer. (Bud Light Lime).. I whisked it together really well.. I seasoned the fish itself with salt and pepper and cut it against the grain into 1.5 inch wide strips.. then dipped the fish in the batter, and fried them in hot veggie oil until golden brown.. It was delicious!

To assemble. I took a freshly cooked toritlla and spread some tartar sauce on it.. then put 3 pieces of fish down the center, topped it with some cole slaw, then some of the creamy baja sauce, and topped with the regular baja sauce.

But before I did all of that... I had to make the Baja Sauce:

And the creamy baja sauce:

My dad loved trying fish tacos for the first time.. He even got seconds and praised them several times. :) I really enjoyed cooking for him... I'm so glad he's moved back to Austin. :)


I totally cheated and got cole slaw from KFC and tartar sauce from Red Lobster. LOL Hey.. Red Lobby makes the best tartar sauce.. and KFC makes the best cole slaw.. I was already making this baja sauce with four million ingredients.. And besides.. I've never once made cole slaw at home that didn't make me want to gag. idk why.. but it's gotta be kfc for me.

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