Wednesday, June 1, 2011


I am happy to report that it seems to have been just a 24 hour bug that hit our house, everyone seems to be back to normal today.. I made them all stay home and chill out with movies in the livingroom, and said that no friends were allowed to come over today, just to be safe.. but everyone seems to be doing okay. Whew!!! There is nothing worse than a stomach virus hanging around and running rampant in a household of 5 children.

As for dinner... Since none of them have really eaten much in the last day, I decided they can have something they really enjoy, just to get some food in them... Corn dogs and fries. LOL I'm just gonna heat up a lean cuisine for myself and the husband has a frozen pot pie somewhere in the freezer. Nothing glamorous tonight. lol Tomorrow night will be grilled pork chops and roasted ranch potatoes, though.

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