Monday, June 6, 2011

PW is crazy.

Yep. I said it. She is. Her recipe for the Dr. Pepper shredded pork calls for an entire can of chipotles in adobo sauce. Yeah. About that. I put in a couple chipotles, just a couple.. and it was quite spicy. Perfect for me, but way too spicy for the twins. A whole can of those suckers would have killed us all!! lmao Or maybe we just have hotter chipotles in Texas than they do in OK. idk. But there is no way in hell I would do a whole can. That woman is crazy for that. CRAZY. And I like me some spicy food so that's sayin something! I ended up not returning the pork to the Dr Pepper sauce after shredding it. I just poured some sweet BBQ sauce all over it instead.

The Dr Pepper part of it was pretty dang yummy though. I also added some lawrey's seasoned salt to the pork. We had it in tortillas. Andy ate three "tacos" . He liked it. Jason was a punk. Only ate one. Justin liked the Dr Pepper sauce and how spicy it was.. but he was the only one of the kids that was brave enough to give it a go. He was fanning his mouth.. but smiling. lol I think he and Jason are trading when it comes to who is the pickiest eater in all the land.

Oh and I was a bad naughty little girl.. I ate another piece of that 14 layer cake tonight. Yeah baby. Good stuff. :)

Btw, is it really apparent that I fell off the Weight Watchers wagon, yet again? Dude, I can only deprive myself of butter for so long before I say "fuck it all I will be fat, just give me good food!!" I'm sure I'll get back on it again.. but for now I'm doing the "I'm gonna eat what I want, in moderation" thing. And by "in moderation" I mean scarfing till I'm stuffed and then sitting in regret telling myself "tomorrow I will have more self control". Oops.

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