Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pizza Pot Pie

Huh? Yeah, I know.. that's what I thought. I'm watching "The Best Thing I Ever Ate" on the Food Network. And this guy just showed this pizza pot pie. They took a bowl, brushed it with olive oil, layered *several* slices of cheese (they said it was a wisconsin brick cheese, I think? idk, I bet provalone or mozz would work) then they put in 3 white button mushrooms (I'd use cremini and prolly add some black olives too, but that's just me) and ladled in a thick meat sauce that had onions and peppers and pork sausage.. then then took pizza dough (some secret Sicilian triple rise pizza dough) and draped it over the bowl and baked it in the oven (I'd salt that and maybe put a bit of dried herbs up there, but again, thats me) ... Then at the table, they dump it over onto a plate for you and it looks like a deep dish pizza!! Now how cool is that? I'm pretty sure I might need to rip off this idea (with my a fore mentioned suggestions) (have you noticed I like to use parenthesis a lot? I'm weird I know)... Soon. Yes soon.

I also saw, in the same episode, some apple pie that had pine nuts and new mexico hot green chilies in it. Idk about that. It sounds interesting. Veddy Interesting. Just not sure it's a good or bad interesting. lol


  1. As a New Mexican, I love the pie! Pine nuts and green chile are not for everyone though! I highly reccommend it!

  2. If I ever find myself out that way, I will definitely give it a try! I'm always up for new and interesting things. :)

  3. I am watching this episode right now and thinking how much pizza obsessed & pot-pie loving fiance would love this... I will be figuring something out too!