Tuesday, June 28, 2011

OMGosh! a sweet roll just for Lori!

So Jamie and I are planning to experiment with the cinnamon rolls tomorrow.. I'm going to make the full recipe of dough, so I'll have at least four 9x13 pans of rolls.. And I want to do them in different ways.. I know I'm going to do an orange sweet roll.. I'm thinking white and brown sugar on the dough, orange zest.. or maybe orange scented sugar?? Oooh, I could go make that tonight. Anyway.. A little cinnamon and a tiny smidge of clove.. Then for the glaze.. powdered sugar, orange zest, orange juice and melted butter. Mmmmm I'm excited just thinking about it.

Now for Lori's sweet roll. Lori's favorite cake is my lemon cake with blueberry filling. So I'm thinking I need to fill one batch of dough with blueberry filling and some white sugar, and then a glaze made just like the orange one, but with lemon. I really think she's gonna love this!

For the other two pans.. I'm not sure.. probably at least one traditional cinnamon.. and one pan I'd *really* like to do some chocolate chips and a vanilla glaze.

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