Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mandolin Lesson #2

No matter how busy you are.. Always wash this gadget and put it away immediately after usage. Never ever ever put it into the sink to wash later, inadvertently piling other dishes on top of it, forgetting that it and its satanic blades are there at the bottom of the sink.. just waiting for you to come back 4 hours later to wash the dishes and reach down into the sink and WHAMO! Maim another finger. I got mad this time. I ripped it out of that side of the sink and THREW it into the sink I was washing in. Then started grabbing paper towels and asking for a bandaid because I was bleeding profusely. Because of the mandolin. Again.

Sheesh. I made it all the way through slicing the 4 pounds of potatoes.. It was the washing dishes part that was hazardous to my health.

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