Tuesday, June 21, 2011

In other news..

In other news.. we have house guests for the next few week.. my brother and his family are going to stay with us for a couple weeks while they look for a new house to live in. It's going to be an adventure.. a crowded adventure, that's for sure.. but it will be fun.. The kids are here all the time anyway. And my sis in law and I love to cook and bake together, so I am sure we'll have a lot of fun. One day this week we're going to make chicken enchiladas together... and we've already decided we have to bake something.. and there is a graham cracker crust about to go out of date coming from her kitchen.. so I'm sure we'll have to use that up right away! lol It should be fun! Oh I'm also going to show them my green bean recipe I posted last week... and going to make those with some fried pork chops and rice with brown pork gravy over top. That happens to be Jason's favorite meal of all time, which I never make because I'm usually dieting lol, so I'm sure he's REALLY excited. LOL I have to admit, I'm kind of excited too :D What else for this week? Uhmm.. Spaghetti and meatballs I think. Tonight I just did a frozen tray of baked tortellini I picked up at walmart with some totinos pizza rolls.. because we were helping them pack and get stuff to storage and needed a big meal for hungry people that didn't require tons of work. It felt dirty. But it was decently good, about like a frozen lasagna is passable but never compares to the real thing. I vowed to make a homemade version of this tortellini thing with my own sauce and my own pesto and real parm cheese. I'm thinking that for next week sometime.

The weekend was great.. spent the day at the lake on Sunday, drank beer.. got sunburned. On my belly. No, I didn't wear a bikini.. haha not there by a long shot. But I did lift up my swimsuit top as I was laying on my big flower shaped floaty out in the water. I'm sure the half cove was thinking "that fat girl needs to pull her shirt down" and the other half of hte cove was prolly thinking "awww what a cute pregnant mom, sunning her belly". haha You think I'm joking... I gotta get back on weight watchers. After the pizza pot pie. And the enchiladas. And the fried pork chops. Yeah. after all that. (and prolly then some)

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