Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Fun Day :)

I took the kids to the water park here in town today.. We had a blast. They were stoked that I stopped at McDonalds for 10 bucks worth of dollar menu double cheeseburgers to take with us. LOL Poor baby girl Hannah's face is FRIED though. She still had sunburn scabs from Sunday, and even though I put tons of sunscreen on her, and zinc stick over and over again.. they are bright red. :( Poor baby. But she loved every minute of being there. :) It kills me that they are big enough to go around the lazy river by themselves.. and too big for the playscape. We've been going to this water park for years.. and they have always played in the baby pool, or on the playscape.. and now they are big girls.. that can swim really well.. and are tall enough to walk around the lazy river without me. Growing up so fast on me! I can't believe they are 9. Craziness. Where are my babies? Weren't they just babies? I swear they were! The boys had fun, too.. Even though I was a cruel mom and wouldn't buy them a snowcone.. after spending 60 freakin dollars that day, on entrance fees, sodas and water, the aforementioned double cheeseburgers, an out of the way stop at walmart for goggles that were not full face and just eye goggles (park rules) .. nooo this was not all enough.. "Dont we have enough money for snowcones??" No. We don't. Just like we didn't 30 minutes ago. And just like we didn't the 30 minutes before that. STOP ASKING! Sheesh. I did order pizza on the way home, though. Sad when you start out with a $100 bill and at the end of the day you have $1 of it left. It was fun though. :)

Tomorrow night.. Enchiladas with my sis in law.. and we have some plans for those babies!!! Like sauteed mushrooms and onions and some black olives inside the filling with the chicken and the cream cheese. MMMMMMMMM And a sour cream sauce with lots of green chilis. Some sliced green onions over the top... Yeah baby! Gonna be yummy. But I'm gonna need more mushrooms for greenbeans later this week. LOL

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