Monday, June 27, 2011

Busy Life

Yep.. that describes it. With my brother's family here I find myself on the computer less and less..but we are definitely cooking up a storm! I made some pulled pork for Sunday Lake Day that was really awesome.. But I think next time I'm gonna use more liquid smoke and not wrap the shoulder in foil. I wanna get a little crust on the outside from my rub. And so it's not sitting in the fat drippings.. it just gets TOO wet and soggy when it sits in the drippings the whole time.

Tonight I'm making fried pork chops with rice and gravy and the husbands favorite green beans. And if the husband can find any... some soft white dinner rolls.

And at some point this week the sis in law and I are going to experiment with my cinny roll recipe.. and make orange sweet rolls! Mmmmmm Whenever we buy canned cinnamon rolls, I always grab a roll of the orange flavored ones cuz they are my favorite.. so I wanna give some orange ones a try with my from scratch recipe. I also think at some point I should make some with chocolate chips. No, I'm not PMS'ing or anything. And no I did not just eat a candy bar that I bought for the sis in law on Friday night but she never ate. Nope. No issues with chocolate cravings what-so-ever right now. haha

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