Thursday, June 9, 2011

Betty Crockwhore :D

I am at it again today... For dinner I made a from scratch Teriyaki sauce that I found on (and then of course modified to suit my taste LOL) It was really freakin good.. I glazed chicken with it and oven baked it.. and we had that over noodles. Way yummy stuff. I also made my scrumpy green beans with bacon, mushrooms, onions and marsala wine. After dinner I decided that I needed something sweet. I had no eggs to make the brownies I was thinking about.. So I decided something cinnamony would work instead.. and cinny rolls don't need eggs.. Sooo... I have two gorgeous pans of rolls rising on the stove as I type this. Oh yeah baby. Bring on the calories!

Recipes in posts of their own to follow. :)

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