Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pretty Girls 9th Bday,

H&H turn 9 on Thursday. They are pretty excited :) I'm planning a little soiree at the lake. I'm thinking rainbow cupcakes this year.. I found a pic of some on allrecipes.com the other day and they are just too cute. A lot like my tye dye cupcakes, but instead of swirling the colored cake batter all together, you just layer it in the cupcake in the rainbow order of colors.. Top with some fluffy frosting and some sprinkles and they'll be cute as a button.. or rainbow. LOL

For the menu I'm *really* wanting to try out this potato salad recipe that I found on allrecipes (really love that site, yes I do).. It calls for soaking the cooked potatoes in sugar and vinegar for 12 hours in the fridge, then draining them and adding all the rest of the stuff. Could be weird, could be awesome.. I need to find out which it is. :P BBQ always goes great with potato salad.. How much money we got left will determine what kind of BBQ it will be.. might be cheap chicken.. but I'd really love to do some pulled pork or maybe ribs. Or maybe burgers. The girls do love burgers. Hmmm. That might be the route we take. Add potato chips for the punk kids that don't like potato salad and we'll have a good meal. :)

Have NO clue what they want for a present. None what-so-ever.. Jason, who's birthday is next Friday has told me he wants half a dozen different (way expensive) things..but the pretty girls just want to know what their cake is gonna look like. lmao Funny girls. So much like me, food is always the most important thing. LOL They could use some new clothes, so maybe I'll get them some summer dresses and such. Or a game that's just for them to play on the wii or xbox. Hmm I will have to ask them if they had anything in mind.

As for Jason.. he wants a sleep over party. We'll prolly do something simple like totinos pizza rolls.. And that 14 layer cake I posted about. MMMMMM His friends will be most impressed.

And after this.. I don't got another birthday till MINE in October. haha :)

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