Sunday, May 29, 2011

Oh yeah.. how I did them

When I do tie dye cupcakes, we just spoon different colors of batter into the cupcake liners because it doesn't matter how messed up or swirly it is, since you're gonna swirl the colors together with a toothpick anyway... but for these I wanted the layers to be perfectly flat, with no smudges up the sides of the liners (which happens often when you are putting batter in with a spoon).. So I came up with a much easier way.. may even start doing tie dye cupcakes this way... I filled disposible icing bags up with cake batter, before snipping the end (since it pours right out).... twisted the top and secured it with a twisty tie (so no batter squeezed out the top, I do this with frosting as well).. Then snipped the end of the bag off and squeezed the batter into the liners, making sure to go around the edge really well with each color first (so the outer appearance of the cupcake was perfect straight lines in a rainbow pattern) then filled in the center. It worked like a charm! I'm very pleased with this technique, both in how easy it was and how pretty they turned out. :)

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