Friday, May 27, 2011

My last lunch date Friday :(

Until September. :((( Dave and I have a standing lunch date every Friday during the school year. But today is the last day of school.. so this is it for a while. I've decided that we need to go out with a "boom" and go to Chuy's.. A local Tex-Mex place that is funky and yummy. They have this special queso-type sauce called "boom boom sauce". And let me tell you. All is right in this world when you put that in your mouth. Its spicy, its creamy, its YUMMY. I usually comes on chicken enchiladas that they call "chicka chicka boom boom" (how cute is that name?).. but for myself... I like to order it over the veggie enchiladas.. a little bit healthy, a whole lotta naughty. I'm pretty excited.

Jason has always wanted to go to Chuy's.. infact I can remember him asking, on more than one occasion, "Mom when are we ever going to go eat at Chuy's?" My answer is usually "When the sky opens up and starts raining money".. Because it's yummy, but not exactly cheap. But since I started homeschooling him, he's been going on the Friday Lunch Date's with The Husband and me. So today he finally at last gets his wish. We shall eat at Chuy's. Bet you anything he orders a hamburger or something. LOL

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