Monday, May 30, 2011

Sinful Yumminess

MMMMMMMMMM Nothing like breading up some chicken thighs with a double coating of buttermilk and seasoned flour and frying them up in your big cast iron skillet.

Baked beans with meat candy, aka bacon, on top. The sister-in-law left her bacon in whole strips, I decided to chop mine up so that when serving it was easy for everyone to get some bacon. I liked it this way.

My plate of yumminess. You have NO idea how difficult it was to stop long enough to take the pic.. I wanted to dive right in! lol The biscuits were only so-so. I cheated and bought a can of them, since I didn't even get to the grocery store until 5:45pm and therefore didn't start cooking until after 7. There was just not enough time for homemade biscuits.. I wish there had been.. they would have been way better. The potato salad is leftover from yesterdays picnic at the lake. I need to sit down and write down that recipe and get it up.. it was really yummy.

And I did indeed top my evening off with a small bowl of Coconut Fudge icecream from Blue Bell. It was the perfect ending to a perfect meal. :)

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