Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hmmm, haven't made cinny rolls in a while

So Jason is having his little sleepover on Saturday night... I was just gonna have them eat cereal for breakfast.. but what's the fun in that?! So then today I'm thinking "Hmmm, I haven't made cinnamon (aka cinny) rolls in a while.. maybe I should make those for the sleepover!

So now the seed has been planted. I'm on a sinful food high from last night's adventure with fried chicken and bacon baked beans... I mean why not?! LOL I use The Pioneer Woman's recipe for cinnamon rolls, with a few modifications.. Like I add some vanilla to the milk after I scald it and let it cool down, and most of my family and friends like cream cheese frosting over the maple coffee icing that PW uses, and I like brown sugar in the filling as opposed to white. Oh and as much as I adore butter (hell I named my cat Butter because I love the stuff so much lol), I don't put quite as much melted butter in mine as PW does... I tried putting as much as she says to one time and it all poured off the dough onto my table, so I deemed it just a tad too much. LOL

So yeah, I've pretty much talked myself into it now.. I'm thinking cinny rolls are on the menu for Jason's sleepover. He's gonna be so excited!!

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