Saturday, May 28, 2011

BBQs, Groceries, and Cupcakes

Whew what a day!

After a night of little to no sleep, because it felt like someone was stabbing me in the left eye with an icepick... I had such a lonnnnng day. A good day.. but long.

Went to the in-laws for a BBQ.. The Husband's sister made the *best* baked beans I've ever put in my mouth.. and considering I make pretty freakin good baked beans.. that's sayin' something! She put slices of bacon all across the top.. MMMMMMMMMMM It was like meat candy. Heavenly! The kids got pelted with water balloons.. lots of fun. hehe

It was a fun BBQ, but by the time evening started setting in and the sun went down, my energy went with it.. I was NOT looking forward to having to go to the grocery store to get all the things we needed for tomorrow's lake party. But I went anyway. Even managed to find myself a CUTE strapless black dress thats really long. I like it a lot. Oh and a lipstick that I'm in love with. Tried out a brand that I saw Pioneer Woman talking about on her blog. She's right.. it's pretty great lipstick and at 5 bucks, it's a pretty great deal. Got the biggest container of cheeto balls I've ever seen. Justin went nuts over it. LOL

By the time I left the grocery store, I was WIPED OUT. So you know what I did? I went to Mickie D's and got myself a "Frappa-fuckin=ccino" and felt zero guilt about the calories. I say "Frappa-fuckin-ccino" because I was talking to my sis in law on the phone as I was deciding that I needed something to drink and told her that's what I was gonna get and didn't feel guilty about because it was late, I was tired, and I still had rainbow cupcakes to make. She laughed hysterically at my ability to insert the "F word" into any multi-syllable word. haha

So I got home, made the two boys that were still awake help me unpack the groceries and made the dang cupcakes. Said two boys "helped" make the cupcakes.. LOL They actually did help a bit.. they held the icing bags open for me as I poured cake batter into them so it wouldn't get everywhere.. and HAD to help squeeze food color into the cake batter. LOL

We just took them out of the oven a minute ago.. and the tops aren't solid red like I'd hope.. we'd kinda ran out of cake batter by the time we got to the red. Oops. LOL However, when we lifted a cupcake out of the pan, they were perfectly striped.. and we had a group hug and "high-fived" each other several times at our collective baking genius and assured one another that once we covered the tops with a fluffy cloud of icing, no one would know they weren't perfect anyway. haha And besides.. they taste awesome and that's all that really matters anyway, right? LOL

Its been a very long day.. and I'm ready for bed.. but I still gotta make that potato salad, wait for the cupcakes to cool and get them iced.. THEN I can take my tired booty to bed.

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