Friday, April 15, 2011



I suck at blogging. haha

Lemon Cake with Blueberry filling


My orange marmalade cake is pretty much the best cake recipe ever.  As I’ve stated before.  But what is even more awesome, is that it’s versatile.  I’ve switched it up and done the exact same cake, substituting lemons for the oranges with amazing results.. And fresh blueberry filling is TO DIE FOR inside it.. Not to mention easy.  Blueberries, sugar, constarch, water.  That’s it.  Oh and a little lemon zest and juice just to brighten the flavor. 

The Bestfriend’s step-daughter is getting married in June and her bridal shower is this Sunday.. So I am about to make her cake with the aforementioned lemons and blueberries.  I’m excited!! I know this combo rocks out loud because I tried it out on my niece when she came for her cake tastings (making her wedding cake this October)… She was so leary of it because she thought lemon and blueberry sounded gross, but she was willing to try it and was super surprised at how much she loved it.  The Bestfriend adores anything lemon so she asked me to make it again for the bridal shower.  I hope the bride to be likes it as much as we do! :)