Sunday, January 16, 2011

Really Need to Start Blogging Again.. again.. lol


This makes three times in the past week that I’ve told myself this, because this blog as saved me and helped me find an old recipe I was looking for.  The Husband wanted shrimp tonight for dinner, but Aribbiatta sauce just didn’t sound good tonight.  But some sweet and spicey did.  I thought of course of “Jason’s Ginger Shrimp”..  But it has been since the last time I blogged about it, over a year ago, that I’ve made it.. so I couldn’t quite remember the ingredients.  But I vaguely remembered posting to my blog about it, so after a quick “ginger shrimp” search.. It took me right to the Vacation Food post, with everything I needed right there. I have made a ton of things lately that I probably should have blogged about, so I can go find them at a later date when I’ve forgotten what those little things were that made something divine.  I told The Husband “I really should start blogging again I guess, so my recipes are written down somewhere..” and he says “Well yeah.” in that “duh” kind of voice.  Whatever. lol  So here’s my 44365th attempt at blogging.. so I always have a place to find my recipes. LOL

Tonight’s menu (obviously) is Mamma’s Ginger Shrimp. I can hardly wait!! 

Btw.. new house is still awesome.  Gotta repaint that livingroom, though.  It’s freakin peachy orange and I’ve tried to deny it for nearly a year and I’m just done. DONE I tell you! LOL Getting repainted as soon as we get some income tax money.  New furniture is on our horizon as well.  And some dining room chairs.  And a pasta roller.  I’m so excited. lol I can’t hardly wait to start posting homemade ravioli recipes… but for now I’m off to sautee some peppers onions and mushrooms and fry some shrimp. Yumminess. :)