Monday, October 4, 2010

It’s been a long time.. but it’s fall again…


Which means I’m getting the cooking and baking and PLANNING the cooking and the baking bug and as such.. the blogging bug to go with it.  Whew. That was quite the sentence, was it not?  Probably no readers left after being absent such a long time.. Ah well..

So the other reason for the food blogging is.. well lets be frank. It’s the state of my jeans.  My favorite jeans. And my little black dress.  Yeah.. No bueno.  The food free for all has GOT to stop.  But the yummy yummy food can’t stop. lol  So the solution?  Yummy looking recipes from the weight watchers website. 

So for the week:

Spanish Chicken and Rice Skillet.. Kind of arroz con pollo meets paella from the looks of it. Has red peppers and cherry tomatoes.  I’m excited. :P

Butternut Squash, Wild Mushroom Pasta Bake.. farfalle, chunks of roasted butternut squash, perfectly sauteed cremini mushrooms, perhaps some sweet italian turkey sausage braised and sliced, some low fat ricotta.. a little bechamel to bring it all together… Some parm on top.  Yeah. This is SO my bday dinner this week (which happens to be thursday hehe). I’m really excited about this one.. it’s WW approved, only 8 points.. I can’t believe my bday isn’t till Thursday and I have to wait that long! I am doing this *hoping* that it will ease up my cravings for “Cheesy Autumn Goodness”… You know the one.  Yeah.  Not so much on the WW approved.  So we make the farfalle thing and pretend.  Because we ARE wearing the hot little black dress out on Saturday night. 

Potato Soup w/ corn and bacon.. Cheesy creamy potato soup with corn and bacon. Do I really need to explain it any more than that?  I didn’t think so.

And finally.. Breaded Oven “fried” Pork Chops with brown rice and a light brown gravy (Jason is so gonna freak out.. this is his favorite food EVAR.. well next to my homemade spaghetti and meatballs).. And with that some green beans done with onions and garlic and a little sherry.

All in all I’m excited.. actually can’t wait to get to the grocery store tomorrow. I’m thinking the soup tomorrow night.. We’re having a cold front blow in tonight and it’s supposed to be fall like all day tomorrow.. so everyone will be excited for soupy comfort food and hot rolls. :)