Thursday, March 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Sweetheart



Happy Birthday sweetheart.  11 years ago today you touched the life and heart of one of my dearest friends. My heart aches for the fact that I do not get to know you. I miss you, yet never met you.  I wish you were here.. but more than that I wish WE could be THERE. I would imagine Jesus throws the most amazing birthday party.  With chocolate mint icecream cake and butterfinger hot chocolate.  Happy Birthday, beautiful girl!

I love you sweet little girl,

Aunt Marie


  1. Oh sunshine.......

    You've always held her in your heart in the most gentle, loving way...

    I wish we could be there too. More than ever...

    ((((((((((( heart hugs ))))))))))

    Thank you for carrying her life in your heart all these years. Such a treasured, precious gift to me...



  2. I hung my windchime up and it made me think of her... Is her weeping willow blooming yet? I really want to see pictures of it when it does.

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