Friday, March 5, 2010

Busy Weekend


Tonight the boys are spending the night at The Brother’s house.  The Niece is at a slumber party, so The Brother invited the boys over to spend the night with The Nephew and play Rock Band all night long.  I’m sure they’re havin a blast.  The Husband went fishing… so that left me and The Pretty Girls to our own devices… *insert evil laugh*  And we went shopping!!  Dress and shoe shopping, to be specific.. for the Girl Scout Father Daughter Dance.  Found the cuuuuuutest dresses for H&H… They love them.. and they twirl out when they spin, so they’re totally excited about it.  The dresses were $50. Each.  *insert heart attack here*.. BUT.. they were 50% off.. Okay, still a bit much… But when I got to the register they asked me if I wanted to apply for a Kohls charge card.. I laughed and said “they won’t give one to me and my crappy credit”.. and the lady tells me “but even if you get turned down, you still get the 30% off your purchase tonight”.. So I say “well then hell yes, lets apply for that charge card!!”.  Totally got turned down.  Wasn’t surprised.  WAS surprised to only spend $36 and some change on two dresses that originally cost $50 each.  Nice, eh?  I thought so!  They wanted to look at Kohls for shoes to go with.. and I told them, “Nope, you got a kohls dress.. you get walmart shoes.” LMAO  Found some cute shoes at walmart.. not the ones I wanted.. the silver ones I wanted to get them only had one pair in their size.. so we went with a light brown pair of ballet flats with gold trim and a flower on the toe.. I think they’ll look okay. :)  Oh, here is a pic of the dress… crappy camera phone picture, but you get the idea:


Pretty, huh?!  The shoes I got them are about the same color as the boots Hannah is wearing in that photo.. That doesn’t look bad, right?? Oh well.. they are lucky they got new stuff to wear and didn’t have to go in an old dress they’ve had forever.  The Dance is tomorrow night and they are super excited and beside themselves about it. :)

And on Sunday the boys all have birthday parties to attend… so it’s a pretty busy weekend.. for everyone but me! LOL  Maybe tomorrow night I’ll go have a girls night with The Bestfriend after The Dance is over at 8pm.  Or maybe I’ll stay at home and geek out on more episodes of The Tudors, the show I am newly addicted to. :)

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