Monday, March 29, 2010

Bad Blogger


I have been a very bad blogger these days.  I blame facebook. When you can just type in little tidbits here and there on your facebook status, it hardly seems neccisary to write a big long post.  But I promise, I will try to get something in her soon.. if I even still have any blog followers left.. have you all given up on me yet?  I hope not. :) 

I have pictures to post.. of my garden.  It was a lovely weekend and we finally got most of the gardening I have been wanting to do, done.  My roses have been put in the ground! The only thing left really is Andy Boo’s Apple tree.  But I need to call the gas and water companies to come out here and mark where the lines are so we don’t run into any of those when planting the tree. :)  Andy is really excited about it… we have the spot all picked out and are really hoping that we won’t have any problems with gas or water lines.  OH and I think I am going to replace the tree they cut down in my backyard with a Cherry Willow tree.. JD, isn’t that what you have planted?  I’ve read that a regular weeping willow will destroy our foundation and any plumbing/sewage lines.. and that Cherry Willows are better options for the residential yard.  And they are pink in the spring! :) 

Tonight’s dinner promises to be scrumpy… I’m making Shrimp Tacos.. totally not doing any kind of work on the shrimp though.. I bought a box of premade popcorn shrimps that have already been cleaned breaded and probably fried.. I just gotta heat them up in the oven.  The Baja sauce, however, WILL be homemade, from scratch.  Perhaps that will be my post later tonight. :) 

For now I’m gonna go sit in my beautiful front yard and admire my rose bush that’s in the ground just in front of my cute bistro table, which sits under my huge Ash tree. :)

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  1. No fair, we don't have cherry willows, we just have weeping cherry trees (they're gorgeous though!)

    I hope you plant one!!! You're right about the willows, they're very destructive in residential areas.

    Can't wait to see photos!!