Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentines Day…


The Husband gave me the best valentines day present.. our new house. :)

And of course, we are now completely flat broke. LOL  So, what can I give The Husband? Food of course! LOL I plan to make him a scrumpy dinner… and send the kids to bed early so we can eat it alone… with the dining room chandelier dimmed, maybe a candle or two.. if I can find the box they’re in… LOL I’m thinking pasta. Of course. When am I NOT thinking of pasta?  But I’m thinking steak pasta.. which is our two favorite things combined.  I’m thinking ribeye steak, sliced up and tossed with low carb penne, carrots, onions, garlic and fire roasted tomatoes with a bunch of basil. Big salad on the side… garlic bread..  MMMmmmmmm

But the ultimate will be dessert.  Chocolate Lava cake. And The Husband gave me the idea tonight by bringing it home for me.  I have a recipe for it, and what a great way to break in my new oven..and talk about a romantic dessert. Worked tonight, anyway! LOL  I can’t wait!!!

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