Monday, February 15, 2010

Some things we’ve discovered…


About the new house.. these are not complaints, definitely livable things.. just some observations and things to get used to:

You can NOT run both showers at ones.  The one who was in first gets iced with freezing cold water the instant you turn on the water in the other bathroom.  Bath times are definitely going to have to be spread out.

Opening the fridge door for someone to put something away after dinner does not work when the dishwasher is open.

The garage is freeeezing at night.  If you have to switch laundry at night, you definitely gotta wear a sweater and turn on the space heater that now sits on top of the dryer.  Well I definitely have to do that.. JD could probably do it stark naked and not be cold. LOL

The color of tile in my kitchen, while very pretty when it’s clean.. is not clean for long and doesn’t hide dirt at all, the way our old linolium did.

There are a couple loose boards in the hallway.

Most definitely be careful when getting up off the toilet.. that wall texture is hell on your arm when you bump into it.

Our house gets drafty and chilly a lot, but when the heater is actually blowing it’s almost unbearably hot. LOL  Low ceilings, I guess.. our old house had vaulted ceilings.

The kitchen drawer next to the stove sticks a little bit.

The smoke detector is really sensitive and while that’s great for safety it’s a bit of a pain when I’m trying to pan sear a steak.. Dave finally took it down after Andy broke one of my large pictures that he was using to fan the smoke detector. LOL

2 dogs + 2 cats + wood floors = lots o dust bunnies.. they look kind of like tumble weeds LMAO.

The back yard floods easily.. it’s not so much a lake as I’ve previously described, but rather more like a swamp.  LOL

My closet is colder than an igloo and I don’t know why.. but when I go in there and get clothes out to put on.. I shiver for a good 5 minutes afterwards.  Maybe I could preheat the closet before getting my clothes out?? LOL

Speaking of my closet, you can’t just push it shut behind you.. you HAVE to turn the knob to get it to close.. and that IS a complaint.. it’s downright annoying. A door should shut, no effort.  The Husband promises to fix this soon because it’s annoying him too.

The mailman dislikes it and leaves a little note inside your box if you park on the street too close to the mailbox. Oops.  But said mailman was also nice enough to leave a couple change of address forms for us, and must be the same mailman from the old house, because he brought us mail from the old house and left it here.  Bright guy, considering he must service hundreds, if not more, mailboxes. 

But what I have discovered most of all… I really love living here. :) 

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