Monday, February 22, 2010

Oh No, not again…


Andy has strep throat.  Again.  Which means I am going to get strep throat within the week. Again.  Damnit.

He was completely fine on Saturday.  Helped The Husband all day with moving and building the new (way awesome!) shelves for my shoes in my closet.  Sunday morning he wakes up crying.. said his head hurt really bad and he felt like he was going to throw up.  Had a hot fever.  We gave motrin.. fever came down and he perked up.. Then the fever came back and he went back to feeling crappy.. Gave more motrin and he went back to feeling so so.  Then last night as he was trying to eat his sandwich, he couldn’t swallow and said his throat was really hurting.  I knew then. I had felt the tickle in my throat Friday but tried to ignore it.  This morning when he woke up the swelling was even worse and he was in serious pain.  I knew he had strep.. just needed a doctor to confirm it and give me a script for antibiotics. I’m pretty sure we’re both carriers for strep.  I just have to LOOK at someone with strep and my throat is inflamed and feels like razors.  Same with him apparently. So after lunchtime, we headed to the ER.  Gotta love no insurance and having to sit in an ER for hours.  And hours we sat.  3 to be exact.  We sat in the waiting room for almost 2 hours.  Thankfully, the motrin was helping his pain during most of this time.  Most being the operative word.  I could see it in him, and kept asking over and over if he was okay.. he started balling up.. pulled his knees to his chest.  Said he was really sleepy.  Andy is an emotional child and really wears his heart out on his sleeve… and when he’s sick he’s very vulnerable.  He’s such a tough boy, but when he’s down, he cries.  A tear went down his face as he told me he was really sleepy.. So I commandeered 3 armless chairs and pushed them together so he could lay down on them.. The kind police officer that sits at a guard station asked me if he would like a blanket and Andy said he was fine, just wanted to lay down. 

Right as he got settled and closed his eyes, the nurse swung open the doors and called his name.  As we went to the back, he was crying again, clutching his throat.  The pain was back, with a vengeance.  Luckily we did not have to wait long to see the doctor.  Unfortunately, a big trauma came in right then, and even though the doctor confirmed it was strep and ordered some pain meds to be given to him immediately, we were all but forgotten about.  For an hour.  He was so restless.. I knew he was in pain.  I rubbed his back, we joked and made up a fun silly song called “waiting waiting waiting, why are we still waiting?”.. and finally after 55 minutes, I told him.. “alright, I’m giving them 5 more minutes and then I’m going to find someone” He looked relieved.  5 minutes came and went without a peep from anybody.. so I left our curtained area and found our doctor.. right there.  I told her his fever was definitely back and his pain was really getting bad (geesh, he was crying an hour ago, how do you think he feels NOW?).. and she looked completely shocked and said “they haven’t brought him the vicoden liquid yet?!” she grabbed his chart, pointed out the time she wrote on it.. an hour ago, ordering his meds.  She promised to get a nurse on it right away. I let her know Andy said he would like some orange juice and she said she’d get that too. A few minutes later she came herself to let us know that a big trauma had all of the nurses on the floor, but that she’d given Andy’s chart right to the charge nurse and she would be in to see us in just a sec.  And sure enough there she was.  She was really nice, but had brought apple juice.. she just had “juice” written on the chart.. so she thought apple would hurt his throat less.. but when she realized he indeed wanted the orange.. she ran out and got that for him, and told him to keep the apple for later.   

We finally got home, 3 hours later.  His evening was up and down.  The vicoden really helped his pain and he was even able to eat some ramen noodles.. he turned down bbq.. he’s most definitely ill.  LOL  He opted for the pork ramen noodles, since he wasn’t up to the pulled pork bbq sammies. LOL  He ate about half of it.. offering me the first bite like he always does.  He’s so sweet.. he knows I LOVE ramen noodles but never make them for myself because of the fat content.. so he always comes to me and offers me the first bite of his bowl so I can have a taste every now and then.  it’s our little thing, but he was so sweet..because he usually just makes his own ramen and then brings the bowl to me… but I was making it for him so he could veg on the couch.. and he said from the living room “you can have the first bite mom!”. Now is that just sweet as honey, or what? He even managed a few funyons, onion ring chips.  I gave him some more medicine after he ate and Dave got him his favorite orange gatorade.  He’s sleeping soundly right now, and cool to the touch.  He’s going to stay home tomorrow.. and maybe the next day if the pain is still bad enough that he’s needing the vicoden. 

Okay, totally off topic.. BUT. I’m watching today’s Y&R today and I swear, Amber talking to the ouija board is so freaking fake and hilarious. LMAO And WHY is she, who is usually very fashion foreward and put together, wearing GOLD earrings with a silver outfit? And no other gold.  Ummm… clash much?  Just my petty observation to the style department.

Back to Andy the Strep Throat.  I think he’s going to be okay.  He’s a tough kid. The hardest part of this for him is going to be being housebound for a few days.  He gets stir crazy.   But, if I have to choose a kid that is going to stay home because he’s sick.. Andy is the easiest, and always has been.  AND he’s the kid, that when he’s feeling good for a few hours, will help me unpack boxes and carry things in from the truck for me. So, won’t be so bad. :)

I just hope we don’t become The House Of The Plague like we did in October when we all got the Flu.  That was HELL. H. E. L. L.  So, here’s to hoping this tickle in MY throat is from maybe sleeping with my mouth open or something??? Maybe??  Probably not, but here’s to hoping anyway. 

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