Friday, February 5, 2010

No Rest for the Weary...

That's what The Bestfriend just told me when I texted her about how tired I was and should be packing but wanted a nap.

I've been SO busy. The house is almost painted.. my "little" project.... ummm.. Yeah... about that. LOL It's turned into this huge thing. Every room has two walls painted. Including bathrooms. Mine is red. LOVE IT. Gonna look great with my new shower curtain. The kids bathroom is blue and their going to have my celestial shower curtain that I've used for a while but is still in great shape.. just needs a new liner, and maybe a trip through the washing machine. LOL :)

We also decided to do the little bit of wall that peaks out around the backsplash behind the stove in the red.. I'm loving it so far.. it still needs a second coat.. but I'm glad I did it... Just think, it's totally going to hide spaghetti sauce splatter!!!!! LMAO Yes, that really was one of the reasons I did the wall red. LMAO

And Dude. I'd like to get ahold of whatever jackass did the texture on the side wall of each bathroom and rub their arms up and down it until they bleed. Poor Rob.. there's a little of his blood mixed in with the red paint. That freakin wall is SERIOUSLY textured, and for real.. if you rub up against it, it will freakin rub your skin off. Not to mention the "stucco" part of it or whatever that's called sticks out so much that you had to roll it in all different directions and use a TON of freakin paint. I seriously hope that wall doesn't need a second coat because #1 there's not much paint left in either the red or the blue.. and #2.. I don't wanna paint that crappy texture again! I told Rob that The Husband better like our red bathroom because I sure as hell ain't painting that wall again until we have to whenever we move out. LOL

Not too sure about the living room color. When the sun is out and the blinds are open, it looks like the honey sand color I picked out. But at night, with just the ceiling fan lights on and when it's cloudy and raining outside.. it looks kinda peach. And I'm not sure I'm cool with it. But I put my living room pictures up against it today and the more I looked at them there, the more I was liking the wall.. so we'll see. I told The Husband that our furniture will slide to the middle of the room easily enough on the pergo wood floors that I would just repaint it in a few weeks if it hasn't grown on me by then.. I'm pretty sure he rolled his eyes when he turned away. LOL

I so need to pack. I have been over at the house every day this week and a couple of the nights too, painting.. and I'm just so exhausted that by the time I get back here I don't want to pack.. but now it's tomorrow that we're going to try to move the bulk of our possessions... soooo. I need to be packing my china hutch. UGH! I want a nap.

She was right... no rest for the weary.

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  1. That must have been a ton of work, but it will pay off... you'll feel much better about having done this before moving in, it will feel so much more like "home" -- and let's face it, much better to paint before moving, than after.

    Not too much longer, and you'll be unpacked and putting your feet up!