Saturday, February 13, 2010

Little by little, box by box…


It’s getting there. Slowly but surely.  I unpacked about 15 boxes yesterday afternoon.. maybe more, I’m not sure.  I threw a bunch of crap away.  I mean seriously, where does all this stuff come from!?  I figure, the less stuff they have the less mess they can make. Right?  Yeah, not so much.. I know.  I can try though!

The Bestfriend came on Wednesday and helped me hang pictures.. she’s good at placing pictures. I’m glad she came. :) 

My kitchen is completely put up now.. Even the storage shelves in the garage.. and condensing down to two shelves?? Yeah, not so much. LOL I decided that since I got rid of so much shit I should get to spread my good stuff out more that way it’s not piled high and hard to get things out.  So the linens are still homeless.. but it’ll work out. LOL 

So are you sick of hearing about The Move yet?  Gosh, you should be, because I’m sick of talking about it!  I had the girls brownie troop leader over last night (she bought a whole case of cookies off me, woo hoo!) and she commented on my red wall and how nice my red dishes look in the hutch on that wall.  :)  Totally made my day! Nevermind that I’m supposed to be some awesome cook, and she watched me pull frozen burritos and chicken nuggets out of the oven for dinner. LMAO

Hannah did something most hilarious today.  She barges into the boys room (after being told to “get out!” several times), because The Niece is in there (the older one, not the one that’s same age as them).. anyway.  She tells them “Why can’t I come in here? You get to come into mine and Heather’s room!” and the Niece tells her “because this is the big kid room”.. and Hannah yells “Well I’m not leaving!!! You get to come into mine and Heather’s room, I get to come in here” and she slams the door and plops herself on the floor to watch them play xbox.  You go little girl.. tell ‘em who’s boss! I swear, I think she stamped her foot when she said “well I’m not leaving!” . LOL  I was in my room cracking up at her and how affronted and upset she was.  And totally ready to do battle for her if they pushed her out of the room… cuz she’s right.. they DO go into her room and it’s only fair. 

Other fun happenings.. Heather skidded (is that even a word.. skidded? )out on the wood floor and whacked her forehead on the corner of the coffee table.. Nice little lump happening there.. and this was after Hannah busted her lip open because she was screwing around in the chair at the table and the legs slid on the tile and the chair went out from underneath her, making her whack her chin on the table and pushing her top teeth into her bottom lip.. I saw it all happen and OUCHIE! I had an icepack on her instantly, but it still swelled up like a macy’s day float.  I keep trying to tell them.. not having carpet in the dining room, while very nice for cleanup because carpet+ food=gross, it’s hell when it’s real cermaic tile and your chair legs slide REALLY easy, and balancing the chair around on two legs just isn’t gonna work out like it did on the carpet. But what the hell do I know, I’m just The Mamma. I think it’s going to take a fat lip on each of them to finally believe me. 

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