Monday, February 1, 2010

It feels like Christmas…


I often think around the holidays how I just don’t feel that rush of excitement like children do.. because I’m the mom and I’m the one making all the magic happen, you know?  It’s exciting for me to watch them enjoy it.. but I don’t get that same butterfly feeling in my stomach.. crazy giddy with excitement.. can’t sleep because you just can’t wait… I haven’t felt that kind of excitement and anticipation much as an adult..

But this is it.. this is that same warm, giddy, bubbly full of energy so excited it’s 5:44am and I still haven’t been able to fall asleep.

I can’t wait to explore all over my new house.  I can’t wait to decide where we are going to plant Andy’s apple tree.  I can’t wait to explore the cabinets and drawers in my kitchen and figure out where I’m going to put everything.  I can’t wait to look out the kitchen window while I’m washing dishes or getting dinner ready and see my boys throwing their football or the girls jumping on the trampoline that finally has a yard big enough to be set up in..

And I just feel so blessed.  I have a really kick booty new laptop, that’s pretty to boot! (It’s red, my fave color and I think it freakin rocks), I got a newer vehicle that it’s actually nice looking, and I get this new house that’s in a culdescac!!! You can’t even imagine how long we’ve wished we lived in a culdesac.  And it’s the corner of the culdesac, so we have tons of parking along the side.  LOVE that. NEED that with The Husbands four hundred vehicles. 

I’m so happy. I can’t wait to get those keys in my hand and go put something in my new house! :)

P.S.  I’m totally NOT enjoying packing.  Seriously, where did all this crap come from!??!

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