Monday, February 15, 2010

Interesting food…


That’s what is on my mind today.  For instance:  I got myself this chocolate bar last night at the grocery store.. It’s made by Chuao Chocolatier and it’s their Firecracker bar.  Most interesting.  It’s Dark chocolate with chipotle, salt and popping candy.. aka pop rocks.  Most interesting indeed.  The spice from the chipotle and the dark chocolate play verrrrrry well together.  I’m totally digging it.  And the pop rocks are just cool.  You let the chocolate just melt in your mouth and you get a tiny bit of burn from the chipotle, the bittersweetness of the chocolate, and the pop rocks go off in your mouth.. I like it!!!  I just gave a little square to Justin and told him not to chew it, to just let it melt in his mouth.. when the pop rocks started going off his eyes got huge, and then he felt the burn from the chipotle and got excited… For being The Pickest Eater in All The Land, he likes some interesting things sometimes.  He likes spice.. he’s really into Thai Red Curry with ground coriander seed and cilantro and lime added to it.

Other interesting food on my mind today:  The Lasagne. That’s right, the food also known as “Cheesy Autumn Deliciousness” is on the menu this evening, winter be damned. The downright unholy, or maybe it is holy? It’s practically a religious experience in how good it is.. The Butternut Squash and Sweet Italian Sausage Lasagne.  Yes, my friends.. it is time once again to gorge ourselves on mounds of melted mozzarella cheese, chunks of sweet buttery squash, perfectly al dente noodles coated in creamy bechamel sauce and bites of sweet basil italian sausage. As The Bestfriend texted the first time she bit into it: “Freakin yummy this stuff is!”.   It’s the comfort food by which all other comfort foods are compared to in The Mammas kitchen, and it’s quite possibly my favorite food.. next to wild mushroom ravioli with light tomato basil sauce.  Can we say YUUUUUUMMMMMMYYYYYYYYY?!?!?!?  I’m beside myself with excitement.  Going to go start breaking down the butternut squash with my shiny new Chef’s knife in a few minutes.

Have I told you about my shiny new chef’s knife?? In all the craziness of The Move, I don’t think I have! How remiss of me!  Let’s recify that now, shall we?  The set of Kershaw knives The Husband gave me for Christmas came with a Santoku and a small Chef’s knife, but didn’t come with the 8in Chef in the set.. when he realized I did indeed want that one too, he ordered it separately and it just got here last week!  I’m damn excited.. it is freakin SHARP and very strong.. It’s going to make quick work of dispatching that butternut squash.  You should see it slice onion.. it’s like going through warm butter.  That’s totally my kind of knife. 

Let’s see.. what else? Not much, really.   Well other than to say, I found out that I actually have quite a few readers, besides The Canadian Friend, JD! How exciting is that?! 

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