Monday, February 8, 2010

How gorgeous is this?!


Doesn’t the red flower pattern on my grandmother’s china look so great with that red wall as a backdrop?? Honestly, I could not be happier with how this looks.  It’s exactly what I wanted! I seriously just stand in the kitchen and stare at it because I think it’s so beautiful and I’m so insanely proud that this is mine.  I’m always proud of my china hutch.. but at the old house I had The Mother’s pink rosebud china in it, which is really beautiful.. But red is just my color.. I’m sure that’s obvious now.. I have a red laptop, a red bedspread, a red bathroom, a red dining room, two dutch ovens in the kitchen are red, I really want the red kitchenaid mixer.. Red is my signature color.  I really want a red front door.. but our house is cream colored with light green trim.. I tried to get The Husband to let me paint the colonial style door that leads from the kitchen to the garage red.. but he said no. I think that’s bogus because I’ve always wanted a red door.. for longer than I’ve wanted a red wall in the kitchen. He knows this.  I dream of having a grey brick house with black shutters and a red front door… But a red door in my kitchen.. my favorite room in the house.. how perfect would that be?  But he said no. :( Killjoy. I wonder what he’d do if I just painted it one day… LOL

My kitchen partly set up.. I’ve got the pots, saucepans, and sautee pans put up.. the spice cabinet has been organized, the plates, silverware and cups have been up up.. And I’ve got the shelves in the garage set up and anchored to the wall.. I am so lucky that those things never fell over at hte old house.. my kitchen aid mixer is so heavy that it made it start bowing out and leaning forward.. I was just waiting for the day that it just finally had enough and fell all the way forward.  Thank goodness that never happened.. and we took neccessary precautions this time!  We got all the fridge moved over..but I’ll have to do the pantry tomorrow.  The washer and dryer are all set up and I’ve even done about 6 loads of laundry since getting it over here yesterday afternoon.

Almost everything is here.. we still have the garage and the attic to bring over.. and a bunch of random crap throughout the house.. oh and my closet.  We brought my shoes.. of course! But we only brought my dresser and the 3 baskets of clean laundry I had sitting in my bedroom.. I don’t want to bring all the hanging stuff over here until The Husband and Rob add some more shelves, a place for my shoes and another closet rod.. I have a HUGE closet and I want as much storage in it as possible. 

The floors are the bane of my existence.  I’ve swept them twice and mopped them.. And they are filthy again. It’s probably because we’ve been in and out of the house going through the flower bed and whatnot all day.. I hope it’s not always this hard to keep them clean, cuz it kinda sucks. 

All in all it’s coming right along, though… I have a “honey do” list that’s a mile long for The Husband, though.. He’s a little overwhelmed.. we both are.. but it’s going to work out.. we still have 3 weeks before everything has to be here. :) And then we rest. LOL


  1. Wow... things are falling into place beautifully and so quickly (at least, it seems to be from over here, where I am not carrying boxes, painting or unpacking, LOL!)

    You like red? Who knew!

  2. LOL It's a little obviou, huh? I forgot to mention in that list my red butterfly tattoo. LOL It's kinda like you and the ladybugs LOL. Oh and the cookie jar at the top of the hutch... has a ladybug, AND a butterfly on it.. how great is that? LOL

    Things are coming along quite nicely.. There's still a lot to be done.. but I'm very proud of all we've gotten accomplished so far. :)