Wednesday, February 24, 2010

*Hot* Chocolate…


So yesterday I finally watched the movie “Chocolat”… Ummm… HOW have I never seen this movie before?!  I freaking loved it! I almost wish I hadn’t sent it back in the mail already because I kind of want to watch it again.. I’m pretty sure I’ll purchase it at some point. I really loved it.. and I loved watching her make all the different chocolates. It made me *really* crave some chocolate.. Not only eating it.. but making it, too. 

Remember a few weeks ago I posted about the spicy chocolate bar, with the pop rocks?  Chipotle and chocolate.. I loved the combination, and a scene in the movie gave me an idea… In the movie the woman (can’t remember her name OR spell it properly in French) made the elderly lade, Armande (I think?!) a cup of hot chocolate with cayenne pepper in it.  Spicy hot chocolate was Armande’s favorite chocolate…  I really loved it in the bar.. so I decided I would use my pure indulgence drinking chocolate recipe a go, with a few revisions.  I must give Simple Daily Recipes credit for the orginal recipe and name for this.. it’s not hot cocoa… It’s drinking chocolate.  Liquid chocolate gold. LOL  Even she suggests a bit of cayenne pepper to the chocolate… I’m telling you.. Mexico and the South American countries know what they’re talking about… Hot spices and dark chocolate play verrrrrrry nicely together.  So here’s what I made for The Husband and I.. on a rare Snowy Texas Night.. we watched a romantic comedy on the couch(The Ugly Truth.. freakin Hilarious!) and had a really great evening together. 

Here’s what I did…

For two small, demitasse size servings

1 Hershey’s special dark chocolate bar (the 1.45 oz one), chopped finely

2 TB very hot water

1/4 cup sugar

pinch of salt

1/4 cup warmed milk

small pinch of cinnamon

1 pinch cayenne pepper

1/4 tsp chipotle in adobo sauce.. minced and mashed until turned into a paste


In a bowl set over simmering water: melt, whisking constantly, the chocolate, water, sugar and salt.  Once the chocolate is completely melted and smooth remove the bowl from the heat.  Add in the cinnamon cayenne pepper and chipotle and whisk it really well.  Taste it and add more if you want it hotter (I did! LOL) then whisk in the milk until it’s smooth.. and ladle it into tiny demitasse or espresso cups.  This is thick, rich and DEVINE.  If you just want the chocolate and not the heat.. you could add in a tsp of vanilla extract instead. :)  Or almond extract.. or even orange. :) A little Orange zest would be lovely as well.  But I’m thinking my new favorite chocolate is with heat. It just WORKS for me. LOL  I seriously want more. Right now.  Would it be wrong to ask The Husband to bring me another candy bar and make it, just for me, in the middle of the afternoon????  Yeah, probably.  I’ll be good. Damnit.

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