Monday, February 1, 2010

Good news, freak out, and I finally got some sleep!


I went back to bed this morning at almost 6.  Just started to get comfy and a little sleepy when the alarm went off.  Drat.  So I said to heck with it.. I got in the shower and told The Husband I’d take him to work and then run some errands.  Went to walmart and got a shower curtain liner for the kids bathroom as well as a couple bathroom mats (i’m sick of having to throw towels on the floor when we get out!) and a few random (you could tell I was tired LOL) food items.. Like coffee, and butter, and cheese, bread and cereal.  Yeah, I was practically a zombie. But I did managed to remember that Valentines Day is in two weeks and got the kids their favors for the school parties… Sugar dip stick candy, heck yes I am a cool mom. LOL  Just when I was really starting to drag in walmart and decided to heck with the errands, I’m gonna go home and catch a nap.  And then Dave calls.  We’re to meet the leasing agent at her office at 10.  It was 8:45.  So I figured there was no use in even going home.  So I went to the Money Box to get the money orders for the rent and second deposit, and to Big Lots and Home Depot in search of some cheap paint with which to make the house pretty.  No luck on the paint (was hoping to find something marked down in the mistinted section).. I think I’m just going to have to buy full price cheap paint… tomorrow. :)

Once we got the lease papers signed I snatched up my key and went right home!!!  They have some utilities on, electric and water, but not the gas.. so it was FREEEEEZING inside.. I looked at the thermometer and it said the temp inside the house was under 50. My teeth were chattering the whole time. LMAO  JD, I know, you’re laughing.  Your kids were enthusiastically taking pictures in the –22 temps up there in the deep tundra you call Canada, wearing only what I would call a “light jacket”, unzipped... and I still think ya’ll are part eskimo, or maybe polar bear.. But I digress…  Me and my southern heat lovin butt were shivering!

So to clarify a few of my earlier concerns.  There is indeed NO PANTRY.  Damnit.  But there is indeed a DISHWASHER!!! A fairly new looking dishwasher at that, that actually still has the little jet dry door (can you tell my current dishwasher did NOT come with such a door for the jet dry?)… So, the boys are going to be much relieved in knowning that a dishpan hands hell does not await them.  At least not for the next two years!!! 

Okay some things that are going to take, cramming a bunch of crap in *creativity*.  The bathrooms.  Frankly, they both suck.  The only redeeming quality about each of them is the fact that they are those high straight plastic walled tub/shower combos.  And NOT tile with grout.  Do you even know how disgusting a man who works on cars for a living can make a tile and grout shower?  No amount of cleaning, bleaching, chiseling, cursing, and begging will make that black  shit The Husband comes home covered in each day come off the grout. Not even with the beloved Pine Sol.  It just doesn’t happen.  Ask The Bestfriend, it was her major gripe back when she was married to The Husband, yes as in MY The Husband(ooooh, have we gotten into that one yet?  It’s very Jerry Springer.. But as Alton Brown would say… that’s another show… ). SO a tub that is grout free and an easy surface to clean is a very pleasant change.  What is not such a pleasant change is the non existent counter and storage space in said bathrooms.  Our current bathrooms both have decent sized linen closets.. and they are bursting to full most of the time.  There is ONE hallway closet that can be used for towels and such. Luckily it’s right across from the kids bathroom, and my bedroom door is right there as well.  I guess just towels are going to go in there. Each bathroom does have a medicine cabinet mirror, so that’s good at least.  I have no idea how all my crap is going to fit under that sink.. and I’m just talking makeup and hair products!!!  Organization will set you free, right?? That’s what AB always says.  I wish we didn’t NEED that closet for towels.. it’s right outside my bedroom door and it would have been PERFECT for my shoes!!! :(  Oh well, maybe if I figure something out for a pantry that doesn’t involve the second hallway closet then towels can go there and my shoes can go where I wanted them. hmmmm.  As for the rest of the linen closets (you know spare sheets and covers for 6 beds.. LOL).. I’m planning to really thin down some  of my kitchen crap and toss the stuff that I’ve never even used since living here.  Hopefully that will free up at least one of my four shelving units and that can be used for the linens. 

I also totally had a freakout with The Bestfriend.  She talked me down.  For some reason, this house seems much smaller in the daylight than it did the night we toured it.  See, our current house has a rather long hallway that leads from the living kitchen dining area to the bedrooms area at the back of the house.  Well, the new house does not have such a hallway.. the hallway is on the otherside of the living room wall, if that makes sense.  So the bedrooms are just on the other side of the livingroom wall.  And it seemed smaller than we have now.  And I freaked.  But you know what, maybe it is smaller. I honestly am not sure. It probably is. It looks like it is.  BUT.. it has a huge garage that happens to be paneled plus the attic.  And we’re trying to find a storage shed for the backyard.  Not to mention we aren’t taking a bunch of crap that we don’t need.  So it’s going to be okay. Right? Right?  Well, it just has to be. There’s no other option.  We’re living there until January of 2012 and we’re just going to make it work.  The kitchen is also not as wide as my current is, by like one tile square.. I’ll give up that one square for the extra counters that it has.  And since we’ll be able to put the china hutch in the dining room (which is with the kitchen), I’ve decided I’ll clean out the drawers and the lower cabinets and use them for kitchen stuff.  I never use the china pieces that I keep down there, so they can just get boxed up and put in the attic out of the way.  That’s quite a bit of extra cabinet/pantry space right there!  See, it’s all about creativity. :)

Oh and the backyard is not HUGE.. it’s a moderate size.  Bigger than The MIL’s.  Not even close to as big as The Bestfriends.. But compared to the postage stamp we have now… the kids will freak at actually being able to throw the dogs ball.. in the backyard. LOL

And speaking of… they are begging me to take them over there and see their new digs.  So I’m going to take them… and the space heaters! LOL  I hope they like it.  :)

Oh yeah… and the sleep..  I got some in after I came back here and watched Y&R.  I didn’t pack a single thing yet today and I haven’t taken anything to the house yet.. but I’m not a walking zombie any longer! LOL

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  1. -50 = BALMY.

    Yes, we are part eskimo, part polar bear... and our igloo won't melt until at least the end of April ;)

    My #1 tip -- purge, baby, purge. Donate, recycle, purge, and pack light. Seriously -- before you put each item in the box, ask yourself if you really will be needing it, and do as much as you can to weed through stuff. The *last* thing you want is to cart stuff over unnecessarily, and feel crammed right off the bat.

    Hey, guess that's one thing I'll *never* worry about... having to take up closet space with shoes. I'm either wearing my one pair, or they're by the front door, bwaaaahaha!!!!!!

    Excited for ya :o)