Sunday, February 21, 2010

Finally Done!

Moving out of the old house anyway. The only thing there is some stuff that is trash in the garage.. otherwise, we are DONE! Now, if only we could get UNpacked here. I’m pretty sure I’m becoming allergic to boxes. Yep. That’s my story and I’m stickin to it! I simply can not un pack another box because I am now allergic to cardboard. LMAO Yeah, that one didn’t work with The Husband either. Am taking a break though. For the rest of the day! I deserve it. It's been a hell of a day and it started wayyyy to early for my liking. I *never* roll out of been before noon on a weekend (and it’s actually a little more like 1pm)…But The Husband told me yesterday that he wanted to get up this morning and get over the old house and get it done. So grudgingly and most unwillingly I got up this morning at some ungodly hour that I couldn’t even bring myself to look at the clock to see what it was.

I was in a TERRIBLE mood. Seriously. It didn’t help that I woke up to the kids leaving the backdoor wide open when they let the dogs out… which allowed George to escape. At the old house, George was an indoor/outdoor cat. Since moving we have kept him inside or in the garage. I’m afraid he’s going to try to get back to the old house. So I got to chase my cat around the backyard, through the swamp. It was a great way to be ripped out of my sleep. Yeah, not so much. So then, not 10 freaking minutes later, I ask Jason to go outside and wait for The Husband to get back from whataburger (the one bright spot of my morning.. chicken in a biscuit with honey butter.. YUUMMY!), and let him know we were out of milk before he got out of the truck. During which Jason left the FRONT door wide open and both Simon (aka The Idiot Dog) AND George (now the idiot cat) got out. So while he chases Simon around the culdesac, I run around my front shrubs to chase George. Then I had to get in my truck and chase Simon around the culdesac, because that is the ONLY way to get him home when he runs off. And then, in my anger, I gave it just a little too much gas as I was pulling back into our driveway and nearly hit the chairs that were sitting in front of the garage. I was NOT a happy camper. Not at all. Phrases like “How many times do I have to chase the damn animals down before you get it that you HAVE to shut the damn door!?” were all but screamed bright at early in my culdesac this morning. I’m sure the neighbors were impressed. Oops.

So then I’m realizing that perhaps I’m having a bit of PMS, and perhaps I’m overracting *a bit*.. so I go to my room, slam the door (cuz that *always* makes me feel better LOL) and proceed to take a shower. By this time, The Husband is back with breakfast.. which I am no longer in the mood for. Yeah, If I’m so mad I’m not hungry anymore…. Me the queen of food… I’m freakin IRATE. So I take my shower and then my anger just turns to sobs and I start crying as I realize that I have zero coffee creamer and all I want is a cup of coffee to try to make me human when I get out of the shower. And I didn’t want to ask The Husband to go to 7-11 because he just got back from there with the milk. So I’m sobbing in the shower, and ran a bath and continued to sob. The Husband thinks I’m having cramps and that’s why I’m in the bathtub crying. He asks me if I need some Ib Profen. And I confess to him that I’m not crying because of cramps. I’m crying because I have no coffee creamer because I was so mad I forgot to tell him before he went for the milk. That Sainted Man went back to 7-11 for my coffee cream. Now that is freakin love. Or terror at my unhuman behavior. No, it’s love. LOL

Okay so then.. I get my coffee, I finally eat my breakfast.. which was scrumpy, even if a little bit cold. And we head over the the old house and finish up. I’m in much better spirits by the time we return back home. We started unloading a few things.. And me and my inifinte wisdom decide that all this chasing george about shit is getting old. So maybe it’s time to let him outside to explore his new surroundings a bit.. get the lay of the land so to speak. So we’re outside with him.. and he does what all cats do, and jumps up on the fence. And the neighbors pit bull goes nuts barking at him. Which startles him and freaks him out. He begins to run along the fence with no grace whatsoever and promptly falls into the neighbors back yard. With the pit bull. Well, not for long.. next thing we know, George is *flying* up the tree in the neighbors back yard.. to the very freakin top. And refuses to come down. Ummm. Not okay. So we wait outside.. not wanting to go in, only to have him finally come down and escape through the field behind our house. So we’re waiting. Calling him. Trying to coax him down by shaking the food box at him. Nope. Not buying it. He was staying right there.. at the very top of that tree. So then Dave gets the extension ladder. But can’t climb it because it’s against the fence and the fence won’t hold if he climbs.. So we think.. hey.. george is good at walking on ladders.. lets startle him a bit and get him to start coming down the ladder… so we bang the tree with the ladder a bit. No such luck. Just pissed him off and scared him further. So we decide there is nothing to do but wait for the neighbors to come home, ask them politely to put their dog inside for a second and put the extension ladder actually IN their backyard against the tree, climb up there at get him. So that’s what we did. And as I tried to hand George over the fence, to Justin.. he acted as though I was trying to deliver him straight into the jaws of Satan himself and decided to become Satan and scratch the blue hell out of me. Dude. He’s lucky I didn’t just let go of his mean ass and let him go fend for himself. I mean seriously. He’s not even a nice cat on a good day. He won’t even let you pet him without pouting and acting like you are torturing him by touching him. But I held on to him… and the neighbor lady was really nice and said that her dog was actually locked in the bedroom and she didn’t mind if I just walked through her house to get him back home. Nice woman. Lord knows what she must think of me after this and my little tantrum this morning. I need to bake her something nice. But wait, *I* am the new person in the culdesac.. aren’t they supposed to bake for me? LOL No one has really introduced themselves yet. They are probably scared of my 983493 kids and the raving lunatic that comes running out of my house every time The Idiot Dog decides to go for a jaunt.

In better, and much less embarrassing news… we got to watching Food Network, DDD to be exact.. And Guy was at a BBQ place having pulled pork. And it was barely even noon at this point. I was pretty excited because we were done with what we needed to do.. and we decided.. Oh heck yes, we are so going to the store for a pork roast and making pulled pork today!!!!! So we did. It’s on the pit now… getting all smoky and delicious. And some friends are even stopping by for dinner! :) I’m UBER excited about it. :)


  1. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry... PMS -- those were the good ol' days, LOL!

    That part about baking for the neighbors, even though you're new on the block had me cracking up!

  2. Oh Sunshine, I don't know whether to laugh or cry about today, either! It was quite a day.. but all in all a great day. And the pulled pork was.. Oh my word!! Darn tasty!

    I haven't been to your blog yet this evening and I'm so tired probably won't till tomorrow.. Did everyone do as they said they would while you were at church???