Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Dinnner Tonight:


Pan seared chicken breast, homemade bbq sauce, brown rice, salad.  And I was so tired I seriously almost screwed up the chicken a couple of times… started with the wrong pan, forgot to put oil in wrong pan, then when I realized I was in the wrong pan, so I get out the correct pan and start heating it.. I set the wrong pan over the sink  because I still haven’t unpacked my wooden trivets and didn’t want to burn the counter.. and as I was trying to move the faucet over to the other side of the sink, I managed to turn the faucet ON.. in the pan with the chicken. Nice, eh?  Yeah.. so I dump the water out.. at least it deglazed things and made the chicken come right out even though it was in there sans oil.. So I get it in the proper pan.. and hear no sizzle.  Uh Oh. Didn’t get the pan hot enough.. or it could have been the fact that the chicken had just received a nice water bath..  But somehow I managed to get both sides browned eventually and by the grace of the food gods, the chicken didn’t dry out in the process.  Yeah.. I just wasn’t really firing on all cylinders tonight.  I’m definitely feeling the exhaustion set in from this past whirlwind week.  And since it’s 2am and I have no good reason to be awake, other than freakin’ farmville, I think I better turn off the tv, laptop and all the lights and get my tired booty to bed. 

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