Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Adventures in painting…


Whoever thought it was a good idea to set me loose in the Home Depot paint department unsupervised was SORELY mistaken.

I have always regretted the fact that we didn’t paint this duplex when we moved in to it.  We said we were going to but were so excited to finally get out of The MIL’s house that we had all our stuff from storage here in one day and unpacked in less than a week. We totally rushed in.. and said we’d paint later and never really did. Except for the dining room wall and the ocean mural in the kids bathroom.  But the majority of the walls are white.. stark white!!! I hate it. I hate these damn white walls.  This time around, we’re taking our time.. we’re painting.. we’re making it us before we get there.  I LOVE IT.. Not to mention my adventures have been quite amusing to those around me… Quick peek..

So I talk myself into painting by saying that it was just a rental, we don’t need expensive paint.. I’d get the cheap 7 dollar paint and at least we’d have some color.  So I decide the colors I’m going with and head to Home Depot. I tried to get The Sister to go with me, for backup.  I was planning to get a red for the dining room wall, but afraid I’d chicken out.  LOL 

So I get to the home depot, and realize I forget the swatches of the colors I really liked from walmart.  So, I found one that I thought was about the same from what home depot had.  I got a slate blue for the boys room, a great color that was both pink and purple for The Twins.. We call it “Pinkle”. LOL It’s the perfect combo of Heather’s purple and Hannah’s pink.  They are both stoked.  It is the perfect color for their room and I’m damn impressed that I picked it. Go me!!!

The boys room…. Yeah.. Ummm…  Not so much.  My slate blue that is called “Heritage” by behr was purple when we started putting it on.  Not pinkle.  Freakin purple. Kind of a light periwinkle/lavendar.  Most definitely not the greyish slate blue I had invisioned. I had second thoughts at the store. I even ran back in the store after checking out to buy a can of sage grey they had marked down to 5 bucks.

So we decide to try it.. and it’s looking purple. Shit.  But we (The Sister and The Bestfriends’s DH) kept on trucking. Because the more you looked at it, the more it looked grey. Which was fine. And then you’d look at it again. And it’s purple. And then it would look grey. And you tilt your head and it’s purple.  Fucking paint. So then we turn off the light but leave the blinds open and go paint the baby girls room.  Now that was purple! So then you’d look at both rooms in your periferal vision.. and that room looked blueish grey.  Not purple! So then you’d get excited and say “okay, it’s NOT purple! This is purple!” and keep on deluding yourself into thinking this color was going to fly with 3 tween boys. Yeah, didn’t happen. I’ll be getting a blue that is not purple tomorrow. I hope.

So then I go this afternoon to get the red paint.. After I made everyone look at all 982 different shades of red paint swatches.  Dave and I both liked Farmhouse Red the best. Everyone else agreed that it was the earthy red we were looking for.  So off I head off to Home Depot confident in my choice of red.  And they bamboozeled me!!!!!  They totally convinced me I needed the most expensive paint they made that had paint and primer in one can and how it was going to take 6 coats to look red and not orange.. and I freaked and said “OK you better get me the 30 dollar paint!”.  The Husband and The Husband’s Bestfriend (who is also The Bestfriends Husband, how convenient  is that!? You haven’t forgotten that she’s The Husband’s ex-wife, right?? I told you it was a good Jerry Springer.. but that’s another show. still.) got a really good laugh.. but then told me I did the right thing. But I went in there determined I wasn’t gonna let anyone talk me into the most expensive paint and I totally did. My $40 project is turning out to me more like $60-70.. Oops.  But hey.. it’s gonna be a fabulous red wall!  I’m excited. And neverous. After the fiasco of the periwinkle man cave…

Oh and The Bestfriend’s hubby is even going to leave The Sister and I unsupervised tomorrow to paint this wall. This could turn out one of two ways.. A most fabulous wall… or a big hot mess that I can blame on Dave because when I started to second guess the Farmhouse Red in favor of Cranberry Whip, The Husband said “No.. I really like the Farmhouse”.  So that’s what I got.. In the best paint possible.  If it looks like shit, this one’s not my fault.  I already took the blame for the purple man cave.  LOL

I’m totally having a blast. I have never once picked out paint and painted all the rooms in my house. 

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