Sunday, January 10, 2010

What the heck!?

It's Sunday and so that means everyone needs clothes for the upcoming school week. I had the boys gather up a basket full of their clothes and took it out to the garage to get them started. When I pulled the knob to get the water started, nothing happened. I pushed the knob back in, checked the knobs on the water spigots behind the washer. Everything was on. I thought "did I forget to pay the water bill?!" and then remember, no it's Sunday and we've had water all weekend so it can't be that. I ask Dave to come and see what's wrong and after messing with the knobs and settings for a minute, the washer springs to life and starts filling with water. The problem? The water inside the hoses was frozen!!! Now to some, especially my Canadian friend, this is probably not such a new thing.. but for this Southern girl, I can honestly say that has NEVER happened to me before!! LOL It's gone below 30 degrees F (and most nights below 20 F) every night for about a week now. It is coooollllddd here in the South!

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  1. *************Roaring****************

    Bwwwwaaaaaahahha! Gosh, I never would have dreamt!!