Thursday, January 28, 2010

Speaking of kids…


They’re great.  Mostly.  I’m going to send Justin straight to the freakin moon if he comes home again tomorrow with yet another check on his conduct card sheet.  Seriously. 7 since the second semester started.. 3 weeks ago.  And for stupid bullshit like talking and not filling in his reading log.  Needless to say he’s got no reason NOT to fill out the reading log because he isn’t allowed any pleasurable passtime other than reading. No TV. No radio.  No video games of any kind.  He can read. Or he can do chores.  For two weeks. I’m done, damnit.  If he comes home with another check tomorrow I’m seriously going to consider getting that tambourine out and sell his punk ass to the gypsies.

And the twins.  Dear God I understand The Mother’s constant frustration with my cleaning habits, or lack thereof, as a child.  I can’t even stand to have their door open anymore.  Another reason we need to move… packing their shit will in turn clean the place up! LOL

Jason made a most excellent science fair project.. It looks just as great as Justin’s last year, so I think he might have a shot at regionals.  I hope he doesn’t get too upset if he doesn’t. He did get an invitation to join some Duke University talent search something or other because of his outstanding perfect performance on last years TAKS test. Apparently only the top 5% of the kids grade gets invited to apply to this thing.  He said the counselor told him it’s a summer camp type thing that you go to for a week.. and honestly.. I think he can handle that!!!! That makes me so happy.  Look how far he’s come since just this summer alone, when I had him go stay with my mom while the other kids went to church camp because I knew he couldn’t handle 3 days with strangers and without me to cool his ass down in a meltdown.  But he has made such progress he acts like a normal child.. and I think if he gets accepted, he should totally go!!! Provided the tuition isn’t an arm and a leg.

Andy is my sweet little Boo as always.  He’s getting so big and so much like Dave.. he’s turning into a tween, yet still trying to hang on to being a kid at the same time.. today he was wandering around the backyard with Simon (aka The Idiot Dog), just poking around.. moving bikes around, acting like daddy.. lol He found some of his old matchbox cars buried in the dirt (yes, he was digging… little twerp).. brought them inside and washed them all off in his bathroom.. with half a bottle of my dishwashing soap from the kitchen. Nice, eh?

I do have some funny stories regarding Girl Scout cookie sales that I’ll impart when it’s NOT 3:08am. Be on the lookout because said stories will come with pictures that are hi-freakin-larious.  Seriously. My kids crack me up with their ingenuity.

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