Sunday, January 31, 2010


Where did all this crap come from?! 7 person family + 7 years in one house = TOO MUCH STUFF!!!!!

We are purging as we go.. but damn, where do we put it all in the mean time? We’ve already packed several boxes.. and it feels like nothing has been done. The walls are bare and the tupperware cabinet is empty.. And some of the stuff from my kitchen storage shelves is packed. Oh and my spices that I know I won’t need until I’m settled and cooking again.. I hope the kids can survive on sammies for a week or so, because I am NOT cooking and packing and moving and cleaning up dishes.. No freaking way. I had Dave get a huge thing of paper plates today so I don’t have to worry so much about dishes this week.

Speaking of dishes.. Neither Dave nor I remember seeing a dishwasher. As obsessed as I am with kitchens, why did I not memorize every detail of this damn kitchen?!?! Probably because I really thought we were going to be turned down again and live here forever. Seriously. I did. Anyway.. there might be a dishwasher over in the corner by the sink.. but honestly, I really don’t know for sure. I know there is a window above the sink. I know there is a big black side by side fridge with ice maker. I know that the stove is white and gas powered. But I do not know if there is a freakin pantry or dishwasher. We called our realtor and asked him if he’d look at the listing paper and see if it’s listed in the appliances.. he said there is nothing there about it, but that the house was built in 1978 and every other house he’s showed in that area has one.. so he’s pretty sure there will be one, but “don’t quote him on that”.. Nice, eh? I said it’s too late now and if there isn’t one then the boys are going to learn the fine character building art of scrubbing dishes by hands, as well as drying and putting away. LOL If I could do it, so can they. *I* will not be handwashing dishes. No freakin way. I paid my dues as a teenager.

Hopefully we’re signing the lease tomorrow and getting keys. We couldn’t get ahold of her today. I can’t wait!!!!! I wanna get some of these boxes out of here already!

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