Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Oh man, I really have to lose it

So I tried on The Red Dress. My hot ass red long sleeve wrap dress that I wore on Valentines day last year. The one I looked damn hot in last year. The one I'm supposed to be wearing in 2.5 weeks to The Brother-in-law's wedding.

It looked AWFUL!!!!!!!!! Just awful! I almost cried. Almost. I only need to lose 10-15 lbs for it to look good. So I just have to do it. I hung the dress on the outside of my closet door. That way every time I look at this huge box of little debbie snacks that we keep locked in our room (so the kids don't go overboard when we aren't looking).. I will turn away from it and quit getting snacks for myself out of it. The damn ding dongs are finally gone and so are the boston creme cakes, so that will help. LOL

I'm about to go web browsing for my reward boots. I'm going to put them as my new screen saver when I find the ones I want. LOL

So far today I've done really good. I had a salad with lots of veggies and nothing else, with light dressing. And some low fat cold cuts. I've had a migraine most of the day, so I didn't cook dinner. Dave is going to pick me up some panda express on his way home. And I was a good girl and changed my order from my usual double combo with lo mein noodles, spicy crispy fried beef, and crispy fried chicken to plain white rice, and something chicken that is not fried, but sweet and/or spicy. I'm starving though and I hope he gets home with it soon.

I'm going to distract myself from my growling stomach with boots now.. LOL

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