Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dinner was..

easy.. Had to go to a parent meeting for the girl scouts, planning for the year... So Dave made him and the kids some chili dogs, fries and heated up the leftover baked beans. When I got home, I had a Simply Aisa noodle bowl.. spicy kung pao flavor. It was spicy and yummy! :)

Tomorrow I'm planning to make brandy chicken and rice. Maybe some buttered carrots on the side.

Oh, and I got the red velvet cake mix. Soooo making more cake balls tomorrow. LOL And I'm thinking cinnamon rolls are going to be in the works very soon as well. ;)

Shit, there went my new years diet. LOL But damnit, I am SO in the mood to be creative in the kitchen. Diet be damned!! I'm just going to have to get the junk off my treadmill and get on the damn thing. Ugh! The Brother in Law is getting married at the end of the month and I *really* want to wear my red dress. So I *have* to lose some freakin weight! I also want a new pair of boots to wear with it.. so maybe I could make the boots my present for losing 10lbs. Hmm.. that's good motivation!! LOL But I still want to bake. So I need to bake and SELL. Or give away. Something. LOL

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