Monday, January 4, 2010

Back to School! Erm, maybe?

So all day yesterday we prepped for the kids going back to schoolt his week. We did several loads of laundry, located all of the backpacks, binders, folders and library books, cleaned the bedrooms up and put the Christmas stuff away, made sure the kids went to bed early, etc etc...

This morning went pretty smoothly! We got the kids up, dressed and out the door ON TIME!!! Not too shabby for the first day back if I do say so myself. There was one little, uhm "problem" though. We Dave got to the school, it looked rather empty. No kids anywhere, only a few cars. He waited while the kids went to the doors.. locked. Hmm. Mrs. Brown, Heather's teacher, came to the door and said "You're early! School doesn't start until tomorrow, guys!" and had a good laugh as she walked away.

Oops. Feel free to laugh at me. I am. LOL

At least they weren't late! But they probably will be tomorrow when it counts. LMAO.

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