Tuesday, January 12, 2010

4 down!

Unless my scale is lying, I'm 4 pounds down! I choose to believe that my scale is NOT a lying bastard for once. LOL My eating well, getting moderate excersize and the Alli stuff I'm taking seems to be working. Btw.. JD, I ROTFLMAO at your comment in our email catch up about how useful the "treament effects" could be. I still LMAO everytime I say "treatment effects".

Tonight I'm going to have some orange chicken with veggies over brown rice. It comes with white rice (premade from the freezer section).. but I'm going to try to just get the chicken and veggies out and put them over my own brown rice. And a couple of chicken potstickers on the side. :) Yummy! I even said no to the eggroll when The Husband asked me if I wanted one! Whoo hoo go me! That's a big step for me, because I freakin LOVE eggrolls. It was hard. But when The Husband said there were 10 grams of fat PER eggroll.. I said "NO". I WILL lose this weight. I WILL. :)

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