Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas! Joyeux Noël!

What a day! I made the stupidest (most stupid?) Christmas mistake this year. We waiting until 11:46pm on Christmas Eve to begin wrapping presents. For 5 kids. Yeah. STUPID. Needless to say we didn't get to bed until about 5am this morning. We let the kids stay up pretty late, in hopes they would sleep in.. Which probably would have worked had the Idiot Dog not decided to run up and down the hall barking like a maniac at 8:00am, effectively waking the entire house up.

Dave and I tried to pretend it wasn't happening.. but when Andy came in our room with his new orange fishing pole that Santa left him, hitting everything in sight with the tip of it.. we knew we were just going to have to make it on 3 hours of sleep.

Everyone was super excited about all the gifts they received from Santa and from us.. The wii got huge exlamations of joy.. The Beatles Rock Band was practically ripped from the box in excitement. The EasyBake Oven made two pretty girls ecstatic. And the new pink Cannon A1100-something or other camera that Santa left for mommy took a bunch of really great pictures. :) Now if only my retarded laptop would allow me to install the camera software so I can transfer the pics from camera to laptop We'd be set. LOL Oh and if the drums and guitars for The Beatles Rock Band would fix themselves and be recognized by the xbox, that'd be awesome too. Oh and why doesn't the EasyBake oven come with the darn lightbulb? And why is the printing on the box so freakin small I'm not even sure it was there when I looked the box over to see if everything was included, or if it magically appeared while riding in santa's sled? So.. no lightbulb cookies brownies or cakes for us this evening. But tomorrow, when the dollar store opens up Daddy is gong to rectify the problem, as well as get the batteries mom forgot to buy for the boys flashlights. LOL

The Sister made the ham, and I made the sides.. homemade baked mac n cheese and homemade brown sugar baked beans, a raisin sauce for the ham, and yummy soft yeast rolls. Last night, I put together two breakfast treats for this morning.. One an egg, bacon and sausage casserole thing.. and the other a caramel "monkey bread" coffee cake. Which was frozen yeast rolls sprinkles with butterscotch pudding, brown sugar and melted butter.. then left to rise overnight.. once cooked they turned into this big soft ring of bread covered in caramel sauce.. and because the yeast rolls start out individually, they pull apart easily. I made the ring in the new bundt pan that Jason gave me. It's a holiday wreath style bundt pan... He found it at a garage sale on a table labeled "free".. and brought it home, wrapped it in a pillow case (LMAO, so cute.. he couldn't find paper and tape), criss crossed two candycanes on top of it and put it under the tree. He made me open it on Sunday when everyone was opening gifts The Mother so that I could use it for Christmas. I was excited when I found something yummy to do with it. It turned out great, and I we have a new holiday tradition. I'll make the caramel coffee cake in that pan every Christmas morning. :) Make ahead breakfast yummies for Christmas morning rock. I know tons of people do it, but this was my first time. I'm totally sold! :)

We spent Christmas Eve baking and decorating cookies, listening to Christmas music, and playing outside during the 1 hour of snow flurries we had. And eating lots of bad for us food.. queso with sausage, some english cheese that had cranberries in it, brie en croute, and cookies. Lots and lots of cookies! I made chocolate peppermint pinwheel cookies (so pretty, the kids were way impressed), chocolate crinkles with a hershey hugs pressed in, and of course the standard cut out sugar cookies. Can we say SUGAR RUSH!? LOL

And what I love the most.. is that in the midst of all of this chaos that naturally occures when presents and cookies are involved with a family of seven, my children still took the time to remember that today was Jesus' birthday and remembered to celebrate not only the visit from Santa and all the new gifts.. but to celebrate the birth of their Lord. :)

Buon Natale!!

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