Sunday, December 13, 2009


So the other day, The Husband came in with two boxes of new knives for me. This might seem a little unromantic to most.. but to me, it's the most romantic gift EVER! The only thing that could top these knives is the $600 Le Crueset 6qt orange Dutch oven that I've coveted for YEARS. And that includes diamonds and lingerie. I freaking LOVE good kitchen knives. And for Christmas he usually gets me a new kitchenaid knife. I've always settled for these knives.. they aren't great knives and they get dull fast.. but they aren't cheap Faberware knives either. They were a decent compromise and Dave has an electric belt sander sharpening thing that he keeps my knives in good condition with. In the kitchenaid knives, I've got the 8in santoku, the meat slicer, the bread knife, and the santoku shaped paring knife. The paring knife is definitly not my favorite. It doesn't have a sharp point, therefore can't be used for much. I've been wanting a new one for a while. And my santoku isn't strong enough to really get through some things, like seperating a chicken leg and thigh from each other... Yes, I totally get into cutting a whole chicken apart, cooked OR raw. Doesn't matter. Chopping fresh veggies is relaxing to me. I can't imagine buying prechopped veggies because that is half the fun of cooking for me. I LOVE knife work.

Well, the other night The Husband came in with two boxes of kershaw knives. These are the knives that he buys off the tool truck at work (The Husband is a mechanic.. a very good mechanic I might add).. Anyway, The Husband has been using kershaw pocket knives for years.. and he is rough on pocket knives, but these really stand up to the job. The only reason he buys new ones is because he just wants a new toy. LOL Well, they put out a line of kitchen knives, for the Christmas season and he bought them for me!!!! I got everything except the 8in chef knife, which he promised to order this week. The set came with THREE different paring knives! Two with pointy edges, and one that is santoku shaped. The 8in santoku it came with way out performs my kitchenaid knife.. and the bread knife actually sliced the side of my thumb when I just barely brushed my hand against it while wiping off the counter (won't be making that mistake again!) These babies are SHARP. And strong. And I am in utter bliss!!!! He was going to wait till Christmas to get them.. but he knew he was coming home a little bit in the dog house that evening, and gave them to me early. He said he knows that I never get new kitchen stuff the way he gets new tools.. and he wanted me to have them early, he'd get me another christmas present. :) Sweet baby.

Tonight we are making fajitas. And I am doing all kinds of chopping.. fresh pico de gallo, fresh guacamole, sliced peppers, and I am slicing the meat.. I don't care if The Husand is doing the grilling.. I get to cut the meat up. He is not touching my new babies. LOL

I just love early Christmas presents.. and I have the best man in the whole world. :)

P.S. Yes, I am a bit superstious and believe it's bad luck to recieve knives as gifts.. so I paid him a penny for the knives, lest they cut our relationship apart. :)

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